Life Behind Bars

I grew up in the 1970s in what is now called Silicon Valley. Cycling (we called it dirt biking back then) was hammered into my very core by all the insane kids on our suburban street. When we arrived around 1975, there was a fairly prolific motocross family living across the street from us. I had never heard of motocross, being only 5 years old, but these new kids looked super rad and I just HAD to be doing what they were doing; riding bikes everywhere and working hard to see who could get to the emergency room first.

Re-releasing Classic Videos!

Since I still have almost all of the original production files, I have decided to quickly replace the audio tracks with stock music from Youtube Audio Library. I’m also fixing some of the issues that made those old videos hard to watch.
2020-roadTripMap copy

Road Trip 2020 – Pre Plan

Road Trip 2020 – Pre-Plan I’m planning a large road tip throughout the western United States next year. It should take a month to complete, and I’ll stop at as many trailheads and bike parks as I can along the way. I have always wanted to visit Whistler in Canada, […]

The Los Gatos Turkey Day Ride – 2019

The Los Gatos Turkey Day Ride – 2019 It is a Thanksgiving tradition. On Thursday, I participated in the annual Los Gatos Turkey Day Ride. This year was my twenty-third (with no breaks) and it was a cold one. We got our first big storm of the year the day […]

Up Overgrown, Down Priest Rock

I have been climbing up Overgrown (AKA Limekiln Trail) pretty much since I started mountain biking (that’s over 30 years, by the way). It is a great, shaded climb on a hot day. Starting at the banks of Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos, California, it carries you up to some great views of the south San Francisco Bay Area.

Face Off – Camera Mount Options Reviewed

Face Off – Camera Mount Options Reviewed As an avid Youtube creator and trail rider, I love to shoot video of my downhills. I also want to make them with as much production value (quality) as possible. I find myself utilizing a variety of guerrilla tactics while on the trail […]

Go with the Flow – Soquel Demo

Go with the Flow – Soquel Demo   It was a smoky, hazy day in the valley and I wanted to get out on the bike. I hadn’t ridden since my trip to North Carolina about a week ago, and I was getting restless. I usually ride in Santa Cruz […]

A Smoky Day in the Valley

A Smoky Day in the Valley Wildfires have been raging out of control for several weeks in California. Ranging from Shasta/Siskyou all the way town to San Diego, hundreds of blazes threaten California residents’ power, air quality, and homes. Many have already lost their homes would benefit from the help […]

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