black diamond mountain

What is Black?

What is Black? This article is pulled form a post I made on Paul the Punter’s Patreon page regarding a question about what makes a black trail black. Paul’s question. was “what’s the difference between trails that are dangerous and those that need skill?” This is my answer. What makes Read more…

pressure fit title

Pressure Fit

My bike shop takes up a small amount of room in the corner of my garage. This is to facilitate all the other things I do there. Whether it’s making beer, entertaining guests, or wrenching on bikes, I need space to get that stuff done.

Downtime Shmowntime

As many are painfully aware, I have been off the bike (and off the computer) for a bit more than a month due to an injury sustained on the bike. This much relaxation and healing is definitely a challenge. How have I filled the days?

Smart Training with a Smart Trainer

The world of trainers is complicated and diverse. From old-fashioned “exercycles” to wind-trainers to modern magnetic-resistance “indoor bikes” (i.e.; Peleton bikes), they all have advantages depending on whether you are looking for performance, quiet, or price.

star wars image

Because I’m a Star Wars Fan

To celebrate my history as a super nerd, and to celebrate the opening of the very last film in the “Skywalker Saga”, I thought I would post a little bit of history regarding my adventures in line for the Star Wars prequels over 20 years ago.

Building a Holiday Bike

As a person who grew up loving my bike(s), I have a desire to share with the younger generation all of the wonder and fun that riding has to offer. To that end, I try to donate one bike every year to a kid around the holidays. It’s easy, it’s not too expensive, and it is an great way to expose any community not just to bike building but also local charitable organizations.