Charlotte Bush 1924-2011

Born Charlotte Maureen Wilson in 1924 to Thomas Dalton and Bonnie Easter Wilson, Charlotte lived an amazing 97 years and leaves behind a legacy of love and optimism.

What is Black?

What is Black? This article is pulled form a post I made on Paul the Punter’s Patreon page regarding a question about what makes a black trail black. Paul’s question. was “what’s the difference between trails that are dangerous and those that need skill?” This is my answer. What makes […]

2020 – The Year that Was

A look back at one of the most difficult years any of us have had to endure. What made it special and what made it great?

Bike Check!

A rundown of the bike I built and the parts that are on it. This chariot carried me across America and back, see what makes it run!

Pressure Fit

My bike shop takes up a small amount of room in the corner of my garage. This is to facilitate all the other things I do there. Whether it's making beer, entertaining guests, or wrenching on bikes, I need space to get that stuff done.

Alone Together

It's an interesting time. With all that is happening in the world, we need to be careful and act wisely when it comes to how much time we spend with others outdoors.

Downtime Shmowntime

As many are painfully aware, I have been off the bike (and off the computer) for a bit more than a month due to an injury sustained on the bike. This much relaxation and healing is definitely a challenge. How have I filled the days?

Smart Training with a Smart Trainer

The world of trainers is complicated and diverse. From old-fashioned “exercycles” to wind-trainers to modern magnetic-resistance “indoor bikes” (i.e.; Peleton bikes), they all have advantages depending on whether you are looking for performance, quiet, or price.