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Bike Room

Kids are great, and I recommend them to anyone who can afford them. I’m fairly partial to mine, and I tend to give them a lot of leeway in terms of allowing them to have a full and rich childhood. I built them a playhouse, got them bikes, and now I am adding a spot in the backyard for them to put their bikes in the dry months.

A Smoky Day in the Valley

A Smoky Day in the Valley Wildfires have been raging out of control for several weeks in California. Ranging from Shasta/Siskyou all the way town to San Diego, hundreds of blazes threaten California residents’ power, air quality, and homes. Many have already lost their homes would benefit from the help Read more…

2016 Santa Cruz Bronson

My Bike…

My Bike A 2016 Santa Cruz Bronson CC. This is what I ride on all my adventures. I hope to get a dirt jumper sometime soon, but this is the whole shebang for now (if you don’t count my old Bontrager Race Lite).