My White Whale

Arriving in Moab, Utah was easy. Riding the Captain Ahab trail was asking just a bit more - and the rain didn't make it any easier!

Rock the Hartman

We were expecting snow, so we left Crested Butte and rode a park near Gunnison, Colorado. Hartman Rocks was fun and challenging in all the right ways!

Paging Doctor Park

Riding the Doctor Park trail in Colorado. 25 miles of climbing, descending, rocky, and flowy trails - all during a forest fire.

Crossing Agate Creek

While touring on my 2020 road trip, I stopped in Crested Butte, Colorado and rode Monarch Crest and Agate Creek.

Chasing Buttes – The 804

My latest stop on the 2020 road trip was with Chasing Epic tours in Crested Butte, Colorado. We rode the 403 and the 401 trails - together they make up "The 804".
Big Hero 9

Big Hero 9

I have been using GoPro cameras for many years. Now I get to play with the Hero 9 Black.

Single Tracks

Introducing: Single Tracks! SpokesmanMTB is launching a new format for just a few of our videos. We’re calling it “Single Tracks” and it is a quick and simple presentation of individual trails.


I was headed to Bentonville, Arkansas when a storm re-routed me to Salida, Colorado. I adjusted the schedule and made the drive.

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