Charlotte Bush 1924-2011

Born Charlotte Maureen Wilson in 1924 to Thomas Dalton and Bonnie Easter Wilson, Charlotte lived an amazing 97 years and leaves behind a legacy of love and optimism.

What is Black?

What is Black? This article is pulled form a post I made on Paul the Punter’s Patreon page regarding a question about what makes a black trail black. Paul’s question. was “what’s the difference between trails that are dangerous and those that need skill?” This is my answer. What makes […]


I threw the bike on the truck and drove 20 minutes up the coast to Topanga Canyon.

De Luge!

A trip to Cleveland National Forest in Southern California to ride on the Luge trail!

2020 – The Year that Was

A look back at one of the most difficult years any of us have had to endure. What made it special and what made it great?


Riding a local trail system on the shortest day of the year. The light was low but it was a pretty sunset!

Bike Check!

A rundown of the bike I built and the parts that are on it. This chariot carried me across America and back, see what makes it run!

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