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I won’t lie – it’s been a rough week. We have experienced several family tragedies, and my time is tight. (Thank you all for the well wishes, I really to appreciate all the positive feelings!) It’s been tough to get out on the bike.

I had a quick chance to ride a few days ago, so I threw the camera in the truck and jumped over the hill. It was a quick ride (about 10 miles), but I got in a few great downhills and got to ride a trail that I don’t often get to enjoy. 

Sweetness is a fairly challenging technical downhill that has a few features, lots of drop-offs, and a super-tight flow through the deciduous trees of the Santa Cruz Mountains. After the descent, there is a hard climb back up to the top of the ridge where it is easy to reconnect with the main trail and jam back down to the truck on some sweet flow. 

I’m sorry the ride isn’t more comprehensive, but I’m short for time. I hope you enjoy it!


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