A Quickie up St. Joe's

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Top of St. Joe'sI had a little bit of time this morning since I have taken the day off to get the tires changed on my forerunner. I threw the bike in the back of the truck and headed out to Los Gatos. The ride up St. Joseph Hill was quick and fairly easy, but slow. I’m out of shape. Been off the bike too long…

The ride was easy and the view from the top was as wonderful as it ever is. Definitely worth the effort. The trail was filled with rich housewives in their spandex tops and yoga pants walking their little shaky dogs that pee when they get scared (the dogs). St. Joe’s is not a downhiller’s paradise, it’s just a quick and easy 5 mile ride that has some good uphill pulls and a twisty descent. Just shy of 1000 vertical feet of climbing. The crowd factor (hikers, runners, lots of kids and pets) keeps one from really letting loose when returning to town. There’s a 15mph speed limit on that trail anyway, so it’s not a good idea to ride too fast. It seems like I always find an excuse NOT to ride. Too hot, too cold, too busy working on the garage, too busy at my job, drank too much the night before, not enough time, rack is broken, the list goes on.

Gotta break this cycle. It feels so good when there’s dirt on my bike.


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